Level up
your game!

The HAKL* platform is the new way we can look for sports centers and organize sporting events, arrange activities, and track our progress as players and teams.

*hakl – a sport played for fun and without strict rules.

HAKL ensures simplicity of arrangements


Teams can find a missing player, and a player who does not have a group can join the game.


Find a specific team to a duel or register on the list that anyone can join.


The Split payment function allows players to split payments among all individuals.


Track your progress and improve your game level.


Compete for prime time slots at the beginning of the season.

Organizing game is easy-peasy with HAKL

1. Find the optimal field

Research sports fields and make appointments.

2. Put the teams together

Invite players to the game and divide them into teams according to strength.

Pay, play and track stats

Pay your booking, play the game and track your and other statistics.

HAKL is a platform for the sustainable future of arranging sports activities

Hakl represents a new standard for arranging sports activities, designed to enable users to communicate effectively, mutual trust, and develop individuals as players and sports centers as service providers.

Open and inclusive – challenges old habits adapted to the digital age of efficient hacks. Arranging games and connecting players are available to everyone.

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